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Are you looking for good and cheap tires?

We offer a wide range of used and new cars and vans: summer tires, all-season tires, studded tires, and also rims!


It became a good luck! I found an excellent pair of 19-inch tires for 125 euros. If I hadn’t found them here, I would have had to buy the whole tire set for 1,250 euros…

Miikka, Helsinki.

I came to tire service to change my tires, and I got a free consultation. It turned out that the brake pads of my car were worn. In addition, the adjustment of the plowing angles has to be done. Thank you for your attention!

Eliina, Lahti.

My Jaguar needed a new pair of tires 205 x 55 x 17. I found two pairs in the Tire Outlet with a groove depth of 5-6 mm. Price only 115 euros. The tires were changed super fast, without an appointment. Highly recommend!

Jouni, Helsinki.

I came to balance the tires, which revealed that the two rims were damaged. The damage was repaired quickly, without an appointment, balancing and repairing only 70 euros. A new tire set would have cost 400 euros, so I saved 330 euros!

Jani, Helsinki.

I found an almost new spare wheel only 55 euros here. I’m really happy with it!

Markus, Helsinki.

I replaced four damaged rims with four rims in really good condition, I only paid 130 euros for the replacement. It was a real fair deal!

Kari, Lahti.

Tire storage

With our tire hotel service, you save space and ensure your tires are in safe storage.
Let us take care of handling your tires instead of using valuable space of your home.

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